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One of Pro Palette Painting’s specialities is exterior painting. We have worked diligently for over 30 years in the trade, as well as over 10 years in business, to build our exceptional reputation by providing the kind of personal and individual service that our clients expect. We guarantee our exterior painting finishes with our 3 year workmanship warranty. From the initial contact of your estimate, right down to the final details, ensuring proper communication and an efficient, quality product. We guarantee our exterior painting finishes with our 3 year workmanship warranty, although many of our projects last 10 years and longer, dependent on proximity to water and amount of shade or sun the property sees.

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Important information on decks and step treads

We warranty deck flooring and step treads for one year as Vancouver Islands climate is just too hard on those surfaces with all the moisture we get. In many cases decks have been painted so many times previously, with the wrong product and technique. Moisture finds its way into the wood from underneath the deck causing issues with adhesion. These areas also see the most traffic and abuse and many homeowners let them get to a difficult state of repair. We always advise clients, if they can, to paint new deck boards with a semi transparent stain such as Messmer’s UV plus, which is a one coat product that seals the wood, waterproofing it and providing a blister, bubble and peel free finish that comes in enough shades to work well with any homes colour scheme. Paints and solid colour stains can be difficult to maintain, especially with pets and children, but in some cases it is the only option as stripping down a deck is not the most cost effective. Either way we can help you find a solution that will make your home shine!

Just like with our interior painting, the process starts with a free onsite or online estimate of your exterior painting project where we discuss your vision for the final product (colours, prep levels, budget, project time lines, etc). Once we have discussed the details and procedures and have done a walk around the exterior of the property, we will email you an estimate along with the scheduled timeframe for the project as well as costing and options if required. The vast majority of our estimates come in at the original price unless a client has added on to the scope of the project, which happens frequently. We generally power wash all our exterior projects prior to painting. This ensures a clean surface to begin with and aides in our prep and paint adhesion. This power washing appointment is setup a couple weeks to a month prior to your project start date. This gives the home plenty of dry time, prior to preparation of exterior surfaces for paint. The prep stage (washing, scraping, sanding, caulking, patching, priming,. etc) is the most important part of your project. We have found, over the years, that every clients needs are different and we are happy to accommodate each clients request for how far they want to take the prep levels on their castle. Price point plays a big factor in this, as prep is labour intensive and we want to ensure that every client has a clear and concise idea of what the final product will look like in the end. Some folks require a quick clean paint job for resale, others, a full restoration on their 100 year old character home. We mask off most homes ( windows, light fixtures, bbq’s, hot tubs, lawn furniture, etc) in advance of a spray and back roll finish to the main body of the home. This process ensures that we keep paint on the home, not other areas where it shouldn’t be. In any residential painting job, a clean site is a an efficient job site! This means raking up paint chips from the garden beds, protecting shrubs around the home and keeping our tools and ladders in one general area at the end of each day. Once we get to the painting stage, the projects really start to take shape. All the details from sheen choice, to colour schemes start to come together, providing a fresh new look to your home that is the envy of all your neighbours. Once we have finished the spraying portion of the project, we will in most cases, paint the trim work ( fascia boards, window frames, doors, doorframes, decorative moldings, etc) by hand in your desired colour. We always require at least two coats on each surface, even if the client is colour matching an existing colour, to ensure that the product warranties remain in effect. Most materials require a certain mil thickness to warranty the product. On the final day of the project, we do a walk around inspection of the project, touching up all final details and ensuring that the client finds everything satisfactory. Voila! Your new castle awaits!

Expert Exterior Painting Victoria BC

In Victoria, exterior painting that is done in high humidity/rainy conditions is far more likely to bubble, peel, and fade. There are new products available that can offset some of these issues with the ability to apply at cold weather temps and withstand moisture better than previous products. With that being said, we always err on the side of caution, never pushing our exterior season past the first week of October unless absolutely necessary in such instances as a client getting their house ready for resale on a deadline. That model has always worked for us and our clients, providing the best end result. Of course the drawback is, as a small company we can only handle so many projects a year and we book up fast. We often find ourselves booking spring/summer projects sometimes a year in advance. Not a bad problem to have, but it’s hard to say no to a client in need when you’re fully booked. Thankfully, there are plenty of great options in Victoria for reputable painting companies that do great work and we have had referral agreements with two companies for the past 4 years, that have done exceptional work for clients and contacts, new and repeat, when our schedule would not allow. We would rather see you get the job done right by another great company, if we don’t fit into your desired timeline. In this day and age, more than ever, we need to support each other both personally and amongst Victoria small business’s. We are happy to spread the work around, as there is more than enough to support many of us in the trade.

We are a fully licensed, bonded and insured house painting company.

All our staff are covered by Worksafe BC. We are also a proud member of the Better Business Bureau of Vancouver Island. We are proud to be named on top 3 rated for painting companies in Victoria six years running now. The top 3 rated firm investigates companies in each field ( painters, plumbers, lawyers, graphic design, accountants, etc) and ranks the top 3 in all major cities across Canada and the U.S. on details such as social media presence, reviews and responses to clients, experience, quality, etc.

 We are very grateful to Victoria for all their ongoing support and feel privileged to serve our loyal family of customers for the past 10 years. We look forward to serving you for 10 more!

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